By becoming a BookTribe brand rep you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Contract Period:

The Brand Rep will be involved for a period of three (3) months. Unless otherwise stated, and if both parties are wanting to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions will stand on a continuing contract:

What’s Involved as a Brand Rep:

  • Genuine enthusiasm and love of our products and brand shown in comments on Instagram, Facebook and other social media.
  • Actively searches BookTribe and associated hashtags.Comments on other people’s photos of their BookTribe Regularly likes and comments on our posts in our social media feeds.
  • Promotes the BookTribe brand on your own social media through clear and professional photography and in general.
  • Exclusively represents the BookTribe brand in public. Does not promote BookTribe's competitors.
  • Posts photographs about each box received for that month a minimum of 3 times each month. Each month, a minimum of one (1) post must be a complete unboxing and a minimum of two (2) posts of the items featured in each months’ box. Tag us in the comments (@_booktribe_) and on the photo, and use the hashtags (#_booktribe_) on all of your posts.
  • Social media accounts are to be kept public.
  • Sharing of an allocated a discount code for your followers to use when they sign up to BookTribe.
  • You are required to state in your profile that you are a BookTribe Rep.
  • You must be an Australian resident.
  • You must be over 18 years of age or have a parents or guardian permission to participate.
  • BookTribe has the right to use these photographs without permission on their social media accounts and other sites including

What the Brand Rep gets in return:

  • One BookTribe Box sent out to you each month for the three (3) months of your contract period.
  • Our unwavering support in anything and everything you need.
  • Our help in growing your own feed and platforms.
  • Lots of love and appreciation.

End Contract:

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding by the terms and conditions. If for any reason you choose to or unable to fulfil your end of the contract or you are asked to leave the contract early, no further boxes will be provided for the remaining period of the term.