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Here at BookTribe we not only want you to read the great books that you receive each month in your box, we also would love to see you write a review about them as well.
Share your review with us on Instagram & Facebook (using the hashtag #_booktribe_), include some creative pictures of all the goodies you received in your box and each month we will select one of you to win one free month’s subscription to BookTribe. Make sure you get a parent or guardian's permission first. 

If you have never written a book review before, and are not sure where to start or what to write, don’t worry, read our tips below to help you get started.

Tips to get you started on writing a book review.

Start the review with the books full title and the author’s name.  Also, if there is an illustrator, share their name too.
Give us a brief summary (in a couple of sentences) of the book while not giving away too much about the story. Especially don’t give away the ending!
Let us know your overall opinion and personal response to the book and whether you would recommend this to other readers.  Did you like it, love it, hate it?
If you want to write more, some other things you can discuss are:


  • Which genre the book belongs to - for example, is it a mystery, a funny book, a romance, a picture book, or a fantasy book?
  • What you thought was good about the book and what you didn’t like about it (if anything)
  • your favourite part of the story, or a part that made you laugh out loud.
  • the main characters in the story and what happens to them. Did you like the characters? 
  • whether you found the book easy to read or difficult.
  • What age group you think would enjoy this book?


Do an internet search on  “how to write a book review” to get some more ideas.
Most important, have fun, give it a go and get writing. We can’t wait to read all your book reviews!

PS: Don’t forget to use the hashtag #_booktribe_ so we get to see it.

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